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Mesmerising your guests with the most eclectic and “INSTAGRAMMABLE” food presentation paired with innovative dining formats. Read More…


Adding finishing touches to glamorise your home that reflects your personality through our vision. Read More…


We believe in making your logo and gifting solution as a signature of you that helps to create the first impression. Read More..

We believe that sensibilities generate culture and influences the value system. These ideologies, in turn, define the future. For us, design denotes the basic principles of how we live, hence we like to keep it malleable and fluid through all lifestyle genres.

Our studio is proud to sprout unique and flexible concepts to successfully conceptualize, design, style and curate everything in the lifestyle segment ranging from homes to art, food display to weddings, store styling to photo shoots and gift curation to packaging.  

We work on projects that we believe in – this gives us the enthusiasm and perseverance to serve our clients better by understanding their requirements and plan out strategies at a deeper level. Our greatest strength lies in the fact that once we take on a project, we handhold our clients right till its completion, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for them.

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